Are there reflective (with a metallic side) or white versions of biodegradable plastic mulch available?

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Manufacturers of biodegradable plastic mulches produce clear, white, and white-on-black versions. To our knowledge there is currently not a metallic-sided product. Black mulch provides soil warming that may not be desirable for all cropping systems and locations. Black mulch warms the soil because black absorbs the solar radiation, and the product transmit that energy to the soil if it sufficiently contacts the soil. The alternative white and white-on-black products are offered by some manufacturers for use where soil warming is not a desired benefit. Because white will reflect solar radiation, both white and white-on-black mulches will decrease the soil temperature. Clear plastic mulch may produce greater soil warming than black mulches because they transmit solar radiation to the soil and if water condenses on the under side of the mulch it prevents outgoing infrared radiation.